The OWNR Collective

Welcome to the OWNR Collective!

We are building an online, artist and maker collective; and you're invited along for the exciting journey! We've made a few hundred late night lattes and early morning espressos over the last year designing and coming up with awesome ways for artists to get their art out to more people. We realized that if we wanted to create change, we should focus on creating community. What better community than the art community? 

We haven't launched our marketplace features yet... we're still doing some development and testing behind the curtain, but we will be opening up to artists and marketplace beta testers in the very near future!

OWNR's Mission

Our mission is to cultivate artistry through ownership, community and sustainability. 

Who Are We? 

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We're makers, musicians and designers... filmmakers and sculptors... We're lovers of creativity, passion and adventure. We're a collective of artists with big plans to bring big things into the world!

We believe that by giving the members and employees a voice in the decision making and a share of the company profits, these partners will have a connection to the overall health of the community and the company.  Ownership, community, sustainability, and affordability  are the 4 pillars of OWNR

  1. Ownership: Giving all partners a share of the company profit will serve the market with a system that appreciates individual as well as community effort and involvement by sharing ownership in the overall vision and success of the company.
  2. Community: OWNR will encourage a strong community environment and make the community voice a big part of growing the company. We will ask the community for input and assistance along the way; and develop features that give value and generate sales in return. 
  3. Sustainability: We’re committed to building a company that does as much as it can for the planet. Our biggest goal is to develop, and shift to a new model to buy online that takes into consideration the resources that can be obtained locally instead of shipping things thousands of miles around the world.
  4. Affordability: Our platform will be affordable to join and will make selling goods online a viable option for many people who couldn’t afford it before. 

Our fully funded vision is to develop partnerships and artist focused maker spaces across the US and to offer our printing, scanning, studio and workshop space to the partners in the company. 

Stay tuned and sign up to our email list to hear 1st about the artist marketplace beta launch, updates on the OWNR Collective and other OWNR new projects and videos that get released along the way!