Artist Membership Program (beta)

Welcome to the OWNR Artist Membership Program

The OWNR Artist Membership Program (free for a limited time) allows members to submit their artwork as a member artist on the website. The artwork you submit may be chosen for an artist feature based on the quality of the work as well as the resolution of the digital copies.

Our team of artists will then turn your work into prints and merch for you! You will be given 70% of all profits from every sale after production and shipping. We are currently in a beta testing phase with our company and we're accepting artwork submissions for free! 

Step by Step Process for Submitting Your Art

Artists will have up to 10 digital copies to submit for free. We are only asking for your feedback, input and testimonial in return. You can promote your merch and prints knowing that you're supporting the co-op, and our mission to support artists like you!

The process to be added as an Artist is simple:

  1. Become a Member of the OWNR Co-op (free:)
  2. Fill out the Featured Artist Signup
  3. Upload Your Digitals
  4. The digitals will then be added to the selected product by the staff at OWNR and added to the collective and promoted within a given timeframe. 

You, the artist, will always retain rights to your art and may ask for it to be removed at any time. 

If you have any problems with the process described above, please email us at

Here are the product categories that OWNR currently offers for Featured Artists

  1. Wall Art Prints- Rolled canvas, Stretched canvas, Giclee poster prints, Acrylic, Metal Sublimation, Puzzles, Framed prints and Wood
  2. Home Decor- Coasters, Tote bags, Bluetooth Speakers, Pillows, Mugs and tumblers, Journals, and Postcards
  3. Jewelry- Heart and Circle pendants
  4. Apparel- Tshirts, Hoodies, Baby Onesie, Kids Shirts