About Us

Our mission is to support artists through ownership, community and sustainability. 

Who are we?

OWNR is a member owned, artist collective and marketplace that shares 30% of its profit with the collective through profit sharing. We’re an art co-op that has big ideas for the future and we want to bring fellow artists and makers along for the journey! 

We've developed a system to deliver your art in various marketplaces on the prints and merch you want. We sell merchandise on Etsy, Amazon and Ebay for our artists, as well as our own platform. 

As we develop our platform we will be adding products from US vendors and from our own warehouses across the United States; as well as adding features that make it possible for anyone to sell on our platform for minimal cost.

We like to feature products from vendors that paint, hand craft or personally design their products with the end user's custom needs in mind.

Please fill in your information below and join our mission of making selling art online easy for everyone!

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Benefits of being a member:

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